People have worshipped in this church for hundreds of years.
As both the Parish Church and the Civic Church of the Borough of Solihull, at St Alphege we aim to provide a wide range of services to minister to the variety of people who worship here – both our own congregations, the parish as a whole and the wider Borough.
Sunday Services
Each Sunday we have four morning services and one evening service, which change depending on the season and any special observances or festivals. However, the usual format is as follows:

8:00am Holy Communion – A quiet, reflective service, following Common Worship order 1 (traditional language), with a short sermon and no music. It lasts about 40 minutes.

9:15am Parish Communion – a family-friendly service using contemporary language. This service follows Common Worship order 1 in which the congregation sings the musical setting. The service includes a sermon (relevant teaching from the Bible) and hymns. The music is a mix of traditional and contemporary. Families are very welcome to join this service and children’s groups meet during this service. It is quieter than the Junction! The service lasts about an hour and a quarter. the main congregational service with hymns, a sermon and activities for children.

On the second Sunday of each month, this is replaced by our All-Age Eucharist, which takes much the same format but with a more ‘contemporary’ feel and greater emphasis on the involvement of children and young people.

9.15am Junction (meeting in the Oliver Bird Hall (Church Hall) ).
This is especially for families with very young children. It meets in the Church Hall (OBH). The service follows the general format of a Communion service, in a very informal style and with worship band. There are various children’s groups. The Junction then joins the 9.15am church building congregation to receive Holy Communion, a final song and a blessing.

There is no Junction on the 2nd Sunday of each month. Instead, both 9.15am congregations come together in the church building for an All Age Eucharist.

11:00am Choral Eucharist – this is a more formal service at which we use traditional language. Ur worship is enhanced by the full choir, choral settings, traditional language, sermon and hymns. During the high feasts and Epiphany and Easter seasons, incense is used.

6:30pm Choral Evensong – one of the most celebrated traditions of the Anglican church following the Book of Common Prayer with full choir, hymns and a sermon.
Details and times of all services can be found on the relevant listing pages from the menus above.

Weekday Services

Our weekday services are quieter and designed to be more contemplative.
Monday: 9am Morning Prayer
9.30am Said Eucharist
Tuesday: 9am Morning Prayer
9.30am Said Eucharist
5pm Evening Prayer
Wednesday: 8.30am Morning Prayer (During School Term-time); 9am in school holidays.)
6.30pm Choral Evensong
Thursday: 9am Morning Prayer
10.30am Said Eucharist (at this service on the 1st Thursday of the month, you have the invitation to receive prayers for healing; on the 3rd Thursday of the month, members of the Mothers’ Union attend for their Corporate Eucharist.)
Friday: 9am Morning Prayer
Saturday (1st Saturday of the month): 9.30am Said Eucharist.
At this eucharist, we remember those who have recently died or whose anniversary of death occurs during that given month.
Special and Civic Occasions
Throughout the year there are a number of services celebrating special events both within the church and in the community at large. We also have a number of Civic Services in collaboration with Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council. Details of these can be found on the service listings.